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About Sistah Hooded

When deciding to earn a doctoral-level degree, the stakes are high. It is a major investment in time, effort, and money. The stories in this collaboration present a down-to-earth representation of life on the doctoral journey. The authors are leading practitioners and researchers in their respective fields of social work and education, yet the outliers are applicable to any discipline. Each author has shared a part of their heart to give the reader keen insight into the life of a doctoral learner and, more specifically, a black woman on the journey. The stories deliver a unique form of transparency, encouragement, and support with one common theme: You can earn a doctoral degree despite marginalization, disability, or the heartbreaking challenges life may bring your way.

Sistah Hooded Book Anthology: About

About the Author

Dr. KRM took the journey of becoming a Doctor of Social Work for many different reasons, such as generational wealth, professional development, and personal growth. However, Dr. KRM felt it was vital to share her doctoral journey not only as a therapeutic measure for herself, but to also serve as a motivational tool!

Dr. McCray's passion is to make a difference through serving as an "Empowering Change Agent" with the purpose of helping people feel empowered and inspired to be their best selves and to embrace the journey it will take to get there!

Sistah Hooded Book Anthology: About

Sistah Hooded:
Stories of Strength & Resilience
The Doctoral Journey

Dr. Kia R. McCray presents her story on "Developing Your Why".

Dr. KRM's chapter helps the reader to understand the importance of "Developing Your Why". This chapter asks you to ponder challenging questions, helps you to dig deep within yourself, and more importantly paints a literal picture of Dr. KRM's journey on how she used her WHY to accomplish her academic goal of obtaining a doctoral degree. 

The key takeaway is: 

Whether you want to pursue an academic degree, start a business, buy a house, or just simply want to EMPOWER yourself to take the best next steps for your personal and professional growth; you must first develop your WHY in order to push through all of life's bumps and hurdles to reach that goal you want to accomplish. It is not easy, but every single step of the journey is worth it!

Books are in the process of being printed.....shipment maybe 1-2 weeks from purchase date! Thank you for your patience!

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Thoughts & Endorsements
Sistah Hooded

Sistah Hooded Book Anthology: Testimonials

“This anthology presents the core concept that creating and operating in community normalizes the doctoral student experience and makes the goal of degree completion more attainable.”

Madam President Dr. Lisa Newland, Ph.D.

LCSW-R NABSW Nassau/Suffolk

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Sistah Hooded:
Stories of Strength and Resilience

Est. 2021

It has been three years!

Dr. KRM is beyond honored, proud, and excited that this book still inspires every person that reads it!

Thank you to all of the supporters that was a part of the book release celebration and obtained an ebook copy of "Sistah Hooded" back in 2021!!! Please continue to let us know your thoughts, by connecting and sharing your journey.

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