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National Center for African Americans Health Disparities Education and Research, Inc. 501(c)3


We are a national organization with community-based roots whose mission is to provide sustainable solutions to health disparities and inequities through community engagement, partnership building, education, research, health promotion, and policy advocacy.


The need for our organization is crucial.  At NCAAHDER we investigate and report on enduring equity concerns for Black women who suffer disproportionately from health disparities and systemic health inequities. We identify trends and patterns in health disparities and inequities that inform our health outreach across the nation through our epidemiological investigations, literature reviews, and qualitative research.


Providing solutions to health inequities, increasing quality of health, and building bridges through sustained community engagement to improve the quality of life of Black women across diverse ethnicities. 

About the Advocate

Dr. KRM served the National Chief of Operations and is now a strong asset as a board member for NCAAHDER and in this role Dr. KRM uses her seasoned social worker skills to be an empowering change agent through advocacy, education, and engagement not only to the individuals in need within the African American communities served. She also engages with the student interns at NCAAHDER, as well, as our partners and stakeholders that actively contribute to the health services of these communities.

This team plans to sustain a virtual presence by maintaining a strong collaboration in order to facilitate the continued growth of NCAAHDER, Inc. across the nation. We are an extremely diverse and inclusive, female minority-owned nonprofit. NCAAHDER focuses on Black women's health unapologetically. 

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Health Services

To address the needs of the African American community on a national level, we plan to develop and coordinate virtual wellness services, regarding various health service topics, such as disease/stress management, family, self-sufficiency, self/life improvement, advocacy, and education/interventions. The goal is to provide community and health providers the resources and educational tools needed to effectively address health disparities within the African American communities.

Health Research

As a nationally recognized organization, we will complete strategic planning of national research initiatives, development, delivery methods, and outcomes to further contribute to health research. In addition, we will collect and analyze community-based assessments from stakeholders and partners to further advocating and educating the African American communities.

Health Outreach

To contribute to our nationwide purpose, we will communicate with prominent stakeholders by compiling information on national organizations that address African American health issues and that serve as resources for the general African American population in America.

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